HAWAII ENTREPRENEURS is an educational platform with a focus on business coaching and networking for the next generation.


Whether you want to learn technology, entrepreneurship or just local culture…HAWAII ENTREPRENEURS provides Hawaiʻi locals and visitors resources to help get plugged in. We’ve collected a community of thought leaders from various industries and put MENTOR CLASSES together to give an intimate learning experience.

We hope to impact this next generation by inspiring them with stories and lessons from our growing mentorship collective. By providing role models who not only look and talk like them but are thriving in their professional fields, the next generation will be able to visualize their goals and more importantly see them as ATTAINABLE. Setting tangible goals that you can visualize is a critical factor in achieving success. 

Through creating a learning community with a “big brother/sister” mentorship model, instructors will instill confidence and vision for the next class of Hawaiian professionals. 


  • eCommerce: Build an eCommerce shop and go from Island to Global
  • Social Media Marketing: Grow and manage your social media following
  • Entrepreneur Workshops and investment strategies
  • Business Coaching & Accountability
  • Networking
  • App Development
  • Raising Capital

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